Omega 3C

Performance Management Performance Management

3C-ANALYTICS transforms raw Contact Center data into intelligence and actionable insights allowing management to properly control and optimize the Contact Center performance. This powerful analytical system detects and unlocks process, system and resource failures, highlights improvement areas and computes the impact of the planned actions on your KPI’s.


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Contact Center Assessment Contact Center Assessment

Through 3C-QoS Operational Assessment, Contact Center management will be able to quicker detect and better understand the dynamics and interdependency of all Contact Center mechanics and to solve performance issues more effectively. In particular, it provides adequate answers and solutions to complex operational situations.

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Workforce Optimization Workforce Optimization

3C-WOPS, Workforce Optimisation Performance System, is the Omega3C solution to properly manage and optimise primary operational tasks and activities of Contact Centers. This platform is comprised of an integrated suite of operations management support and tools in each of the main Contact Center areas.

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Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


Strengthening your Customer Engagement


Revitalizing your Customer Interaction Center Operational Model


Reinventing your Customer Interaction Center Operating BP(O) Model


Fortifying your Digital Customer Interaction

Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions