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  • The Contact Center is a very complex business environment, extremely sensitive and vulnerable for every form of change. A minor defect in one process can trigger a snowball effect of other failures and can strongly damage the total Contact Center performance and customer experience.
  • It may appear controversial, but the most expensive Contact Center operations are almost always those that are purely cost driven.
  • The most effective way to reduce the cost of your Contact Center is by moving to a value driven, digital oriented, Customer Interaction Center.
  • Optimising Contact Center processes goes beyond just considering ways to cut costs, one must properly balance quality versus effectiveness and efficiency against the primary objectives for the customer experience, NPS and ROI.
  • Many managers and executives still situate the Contact Center function today in the life cycle of a product, there where it should be much better positioned in the life cycle of a customer, building trust, loyalty and engagement
  • The strategic challenge is turning passive customers and detractors into active promoters while keeping the cost under control.
  • The Contact Center is a very complex system where we have to manage every day people, processes and performances, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and motivating agents.
  • Contact Center Managers are constantly confronted with a magnitude of real-time complex challenges. Many managers struggle heavily with these challenges because they don’t have the proper tools and instruments in place preventing them to take appropriate actions.

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Why choose Omega3C?Why choose Omega3C?

Omega3C will enable you to turn your Customer Interaction Center into a real business asset that energises, revitalises, fortifies, boosts, strengthens and reinvents your Contact Center operational model, performance and customer engagement.

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Virtual Manager AssistantVirtual Manager Assistant

Robust operations are a critical factor for having predictable results, both in terms of cost optimization and service delight. Measure how your Contact Center service is performing; quantify the cost saving opportunities and the efforts that are needed to enhance the service you are delivering to customers, at a glance!

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