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Contact Center Assessment

3C-QoS Operation Excellence Standard is an innovative multidimensional methodology and management framework that employs a mix of specialised analytical and reporting tools, industry best practices and assessment techniques that dramatically improve the Contact Center processes and performance.

Through 3C-QoS Operational Assessment, Contact Center management will be able to quicker detect and better understand the dynamics and interdependency of all Contact Center mechanics and to solve performance issues more effectively. In particular, it provides adequate answers and solutions to complex operational situations, such as:


  • Why is the service metric off target?
  • Which Contact Center processes have to reviewed and re-engineered? To which degree is the actual Contact Center capable to handle the workload under the agreed conditions?
  • What are the weak areas of your Contact Center and what are the performance risks associated with them?
  • Which actions have to take to taken to reduce such risks?


In combination with 3C-ANALYTICS, 3C-QoS provides you a dynamic and real-time quality and assessment tool that gives you at any time the exact level of process, people and technology compliancy and adherence and shows you the risks, as well from a cost as quality perspective, associated to any Contact Center dysfunction. 3C-QoS ensures that strategic objectives are consistently being met at the best value for money.




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