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Performance Management

3C-ANALYTICS transforms raw Contact Center data into intelligence and actionable insights allowing management to properly control and optimize the performance. This very innovative and compelling analytical and reporting system detects and unlocks process, system and resource failures, highlights improvement areas and computes the impact of planned actions on your KPI’s.

With the use of 3C-ANALYTICS you will be able to accurately follow and analyze your operational consistency and to understand which KPIs are most critical for your service, which processes have impacts on those metrics and which are the processes and areas to be improved to fill the performance gap of your Contact Center.

3C-ANALYTICS is an innovative and indispensable Contact Center management instrument that will revitalize your complete Contact Center. It will discover and give management new insights and solutions that will strongly help to optimize the integration and synchronization of people, process and technology, that is the basic key for the success of the Contact Center.




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