Performance Management Support

The strategic value of our solution is the ability to transform data into intelligence and actionable insights, through a new and innovative ‘fact-based’ way. This approach provides ‘contextual’ feedback to support easy and fast decision making

Key questions about monitoring capabilities that must be addressed for effective operational performance are:

  • Does your monitoring system allow you to have historical and real-time information about the exact Contact Center performance?
  • Does your monitoring system provide you reliable information to quantify the impact of low performance on customer satisfaction?
  • Does your monitoring system provide you accurate information to measure inefficiency?
  • Does your monitoring system allow you to reliably and frequently benchmark your Contact Center performance?

Omega3C offers 3C-ANALYTICS a holistic Contact Center Performance Management to:

  • Balance quality and cost
  • Set high-performance targets
  • Consistently meet performance requirements and expectations
  • Standardize processes and best practice Increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Improve business insight and analytics





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