BP(O) Managed Services

The Omega3C managed BP(O) services are developed to handle complex BPO deals and vendor relationships. These services are not only limited to the preparation of the RFP, vendor assessment, and the contractual agreements with vendor(s) but more importantly are designed to assist you in elevating the outsourcing engagement to a successful and high performing BPO relationship and partnership.

All members of our 3C-Central Team have a long experience and track record in managing multi-site, multi-countries or multi-shore (onshore and offshore) Contact Center operations. Supported by our 3C-QoS, our BPO assessment and reporting Model and 3C-ANALYTICS and 3C-WOPS, the 3C-Central Team will be able to provide you at any time an accurate and reliable picture, not only of the real-time overall performance of each vendor, but be able to drill down to the level of each site and of each country and provide you with performance trends, evolutions and benchmarking information between all sites and vendors.

With 3C-Managed BP(O) services you will be able to maximize the outsourcing benefits and goals and minimize the outsourcing risk. Omega3C’s high qualified 3C-Central Team will make sure that your outsourcing initiative becomes an unknown success that exceeds all your expectations and goals and they will guarantee that:

  • Your customers always receive the same consistent positive experience no matter what channel of contact or time of day
  • Your customer are served by the best players in the market
  • You will get the highest ROI out of your outsourcing initiative.




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