BP(O) Strategy BP(O) Strategy

Omega3C can help and assist you to identify the right sourcing strategy for your organisation.

We are the ‘BPO experts’ at helping clients select the optimal Contact Center sourcing model that will maximise and balance performance, quality of service, customer satisfaction and profitability at the best value for money

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BP(O) Managed Services BP(O) Managed Services

With 3C-Managed BP(O) Services Omega3C adds a unique and new dimension to BPO and vendor management. The Omega3C managed BP(O) services are specially developed to handle complex BPO deals and vendors relationships.

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Consulting and Performance Services Consulting and Performance Services

Omega3C is committed to uncover for you the key ingredients of high performing Contact Center businesses. We offer a compelling set of powerful solutions for those organisations that aspire to achieve high performance.

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Performance Management Support Performance Management Support

The strategic value of our solution is the ability to transform data into intelligence and actionable insights, through a new and innovative ‘fact-based’ way. This approach provides ‘contextual’ feedback to support easy and fast decision making

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Operational Assessment Operational Assessment

Operational & Performance Assessment is based on mapping standards and global best operating practices of the Contact Center industry that allow you to assess, and benchmark your processesand performances.

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Digital Interaction Services Digital Interaction Services

Multiple channel interactions, technology innovations and increasing preference for self service is bringing about massive changes in the way Contact Centers work. Interactions have grown far beyond the traditional phone calls and we will move quickly to a digital oriented customer service & interaction landscape.

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Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


Strengthening your Customer Engagement


Revitalizing your Customer Interaction Center Operational Model


Reinventing your Customer Interaction Center Operating BP(O) Model


Fortifying your Digital Customer Interaction

Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions