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Industry facts

Most industry experts agree that the Contact Center business will undergo a major transformation in the upcoming years. The actual Contact Center model is not a sustainable one anymore because companies are facing a growing disproportion between cost and added value. The key driving facts behind this transformation are:

  • 72% of customers prefer to visit your website and serve themselves online instead of calling the Contact Center
  • More than 50% of customers experience online services as dissatisfying and only 30% is satisfied
  • 49% of customers cannot find the desired information online
  • 57% of Contact Center volumes originates from the web
  • More than 50% of customers have a negative feeling with respect to Contact Center services
  • 56% of agents have severe negative feelings with working in a Contact Center and only 5% of Contact Center agents regard working in a Contact Center as exciting.
  • 80% of Contact Centers mention cost reduction is one of the primary goals for the next years

Source: Forrester Research, Inc., Sodexo Motivation Solutions in the United Kingdom

Customers are not pleased with the service they receive, Contact Center agents have close too enough of the boring and blunt work in the Contact Centers, and shareholders are more than ever very dissatisfied with the high operating cost. Stakeholders are drifting away from each other, and therefore something radical needs to happen to get everyone re-aligned. To some extend we have to completely rethink and redesign the whole Contact Center concept and operating model.

This transformation process into a business value driven Contact Center organization is however a very delicate and challenging one and requires the support and assistance of highly experienced and seasoned experts. Omega3C can guide you successfully through this whole transformation exercise. Our methodology, solutions and services are specially designed and bespoke to help and support you to move quicker and more effectively into a real business value driven Contact Center organization


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