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3C-WOPS is a dynamic Workforce Optimization Management tool that can work side by side to with other WFM tools in supporting the 3 basic key functions of WFM:

  • Forecasting
  • Sizing
  • Scheduling

The standard WFM process and outcomes are based on the input of pure sequential logic or on historical contact patterns and workloads. Given the extreme sensitivity of service levels to any form of change. Even small variations of 5% and less can completely ruin a service level and strongly damage the customer experience. This volatility is forcing the industry to use more accurate and dynamic forecasting methods and tools to support WFM.

Our 3C-WOPS methodology combines both sequential and combinational logic in order to continuously optimize staffing balance between workload and contact center capacity and to secure a consistent level of operational excellence at the best value for money.

We provide WFM intelligence and actionable insights to minimize operational inefficiencies, recover accessibility to the service and maximize operational effectiveness.

Moreover, with 3C-WOPS, we extend the concept of Workforce Management beyond staffing and scheduling by integrating the above ‘hard’ dimensions of WFM with the ‘soft’ dimensions of a Quality Management framework. 3C-WOPS allows the Contact Center Manager to have quality processes, procedures and tools that perfectly embrace the WFM strategy, with the ultimate aim to coherently drive actions towards the objectives of balancing quality, effectiveness and efficiency.


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