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3C-Methodology 3C-Methodology

Indexes are widely used to measure the market performance of companies across an array of industry sectors. However, as business processes become more complex and interdependent there is an emerging need for a structural analytical methodology that thoroughly examines all the aspects of a company’s performance.

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Virtual Manager Assistant Virtual Manager Assistant

Robust operations are a critical factor for having predictable results, both in terms of cost optimization and service delight. Measure how your Contact Center service is performing; quantify the cost saving opportunities and the efforts that are needed to enhance the service you are delivering to customers, at a glance!

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3C-QoS 3C-QoS

The 3C-QoS tool has been created in order to analyze and correlate all the operational aspects of a Contact Center environment, enriching the outcome of the assessment with a deep knowledge about relations between all Contact Center KPI’s and the underlying processes.

This allows to effectively and efficiently remedy any Contact Center dysfunction.

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3C-WOPS is a dynamic Workforce Optimization Management tool that can work side by side to with other WFM tools in supporting the 3 basic key functions of WFM (Forecasting, Sizing, Scheduling). It provides WFM intelligence and actionable insights to minimize operational inefficiencies, recover accessibility to the service and maximize operational effectiveness.

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Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


Strengthening your Customer Engagement


Revitalizing your Customer Interaction Center Operational Model


Reinventing your Customer Interaction Center Operating BP(O) Model


Fortifying your Digital Customer Interaction

Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions