Strengthening your customer engagement

Omega3C’s Customer Interaction experts can assist you in defining, understanding and improving the customer experience in all Contact Center touch points (phone, email, chat, social media, IVR and self-service). Omega3C has developed a unique value-based customer experience roadmap and assessment model in which we make an essential and critical distinction between the Customer Interaction MoT (moments of truth) and the customer satisfaction catalysts. This innovative 3C-trademarked methodology will help you to focus on the right areas and to invest only in these services which really matter for your customers.

We will help you to define the appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) for your Contact Center and to implement BI systems and tools to constantly follow, monitor and improve the performance of these KPI’s. With the assistance of 3C-ANALYTICS, 3C-QoS and 3C-WOPS your Contact Center management team will be able:

  • To achieve an optimal balance and equilibrium between cost and quality 
  • To turn your Contact Center into a real business asset that strongly fortifies the customer satisfaction and engagement .



Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


Strengthening your Customer Engagement


Revitalizing your Customer Interaction Center Operational Model


Reinventing your Customer Interaction Center Operating BP(O) Model


Fortifying your Digital Customer Interaction

Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions