Energizing your Customer Interaction Center

To achieve better contact center cost optimization, Omega3C can not only help you in identifying and understanding the most important inefficiencies and cost drivers in your Contact Center, but more importantly Omega3C can present you the solutions to effectively remedy critical performance issues and to eliminate the major forms of waste.

Omega3C’s powerful proprietary analytical tools such as 3C-ANALYTICS, 3C-QoS and 3C-WOPS will offer you deep and valuable insights into your Contact Center’s activity and performance and will simultaneously provide you with the necessary and indispensable business intelligence to manage your operations more smoothly and effectively with:

  • More accurate and reliable forecasting
  • More effective planning and scheduling
  • Better Average Handle times

Omega3C’s cost reduction scope does not stop with the optimization of the basic Contact Center mechanics. One of the biggest cost drivers in today’s Contact Centers are failure demand and repeated calls.  By looking deeper into contact reasoning and customer experiences and by advanced analytical techniques and tools, Omega3C will be able to detect the exact cause of contact or process failure and subsequently be capable to effectively reengineer the resolution processes and the self-service applications. With this holistic cost reduction methodology and approach, Omega3C will be able to:

  • Reduce the cost per contact,
  • Decrease the number of contacts.



Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


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Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions