Boosting your Customer Interaction Center Performance Management

Contact Centers are becoming ever more complex and dynamic business environments. Operational activities and processes in a Contact Center are all strongly interrelated and connected to each other. A minor defect in one process can trigger a snowball effect of other failures and can have a huge impact on all critical KPI’s and on the overall performance of your Contact Center.

Contact Centers generate a multitude of reports from different sources such as ACD, IVR, CTI, CRM, email & chat handling systems, WFM, forecasting systems, quality management systems, customer satisfaction surveys. Call Center Managers can be buried in data and often don’t see the forest through the trees and struggle to detect the real causes of performance issues and fail to define effective remedies and performance improvement actions that can result in leaving money on the table and poor customer satisfaction and employee morale .

Omega3C can help you collect, structure and connect all the dots of your Contact Center and transform key data into actionable insights. Omega3C has developed a unique analytical and reporting solution that goes far beyond traditional scorecards and dashboards and provides you historical and real-time Contact Center management intelligence that will enable you to instantly and dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Contact Center.

Through advanced and integrated business intelligence, 3C-ANALYTICS and 3C-WOPS offers you:

  • An exact picture of the performance and evolution of your Contact Center
  • Root cause analysis of performance issues and financial implications
  • Effective and proven solutions for performance improvement




Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


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Customer Interaction Solutions