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Why Omega3C

Omega3C was formed by an international team of Contact Center and Customer Interaction veterans with decades of combined experience and a proven track record in all areas of Contact Center management, Contact Center process optimisation and Customer Interaction innovation. Each member of the Omega3C team has proven, practical experience in Contact Center operational management and Contact Center implementation.

We are a hands-on, pragmatic, result driven and very passionate organisation and our approach is radically different from traditional consulting services. We deliver much more than just a typical consulting experience.

We understand very well the pain and challenges of a Contact Center Manager. In Omega3C, with over 20 years of history in the Contact Center industry, our seasoned managers have a deep knowledge and experience in managing projects to a successful resolution. Our innovative and unique methodologies, tools and best practices will directly help the Contact Center management team to significantly optimise Contact Center performance, reduce cost dramatically, and improve substantially the customer experience and loyalty.

We will work closely together with you in every step of the Contact Center process optimisation cycle and support you actively in every phase of the implementation and deployment of our best practices and tools. Our unique methodology, solutions and services combined with our long experience in the Contact Center industry, will guarantee you to achieve a world-class Contact Center performance at the best possible value for money. Omega3C will enable you to turn your Contact Center into a real business asset that energises your Contact Center team, strengthens your customer engagement, boosts your Contact Center performance, revitalize your Contact Center operational model and fortifies your Digital Customer Interactions.


Energizing your Customer Interaction Center


Boosting your Customer Interaction Performance Management


Strengthening your Customer Engagement


Revitalizing your Customer Interaction Center Operational Model


Reinventing your Customer Interaction Center Operating BP(O) Model


Fortifying your Digital Customer Interaction

Customer interaction solutions

Customer Interaction Solutions